Learning Spoken Telugu through English

Would you agree if I say a lot of people are excited about learning spoken telugu? I am not talking just about India, but even abroad.  There are a lot of people speaking Telugu, especially in the United States of America.

Though people can learn telugu through hindi or through other regional languages, this article of mine is focused about learning spoken telugu through English, so that people who do not know Indian languages also can learn spoken telugu through English. Learning spoken telugu online has become easier with growing technology.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to learn it in one go or at a self-paced speed. The links provided in this article are going to help you out to learn telugu at your convenience. Because I have researched several blogs for you and want to make it easy to learn spoken telugu for absolute beginners.

You may be having preference to a particular learning style. So it is important to understand your style of learning.

  • If you like learning through videos, you are a visual learner
    • If you like learning through listening to someone, then you are an auditory learner
    • If you like learning through reading or writing, then you are an Read/Write learner
    • If you like learning through using apps, then you are a kinesthetic learner

Once you understand your learning style, it becomes easy for you to choose methodology accordingly, so that you not only start learning, but sustain it and excel in it over a period of time.

spoken telugu

Are you getting me so far?

It is not necessary that you will have only one learning style. People will have combination of it.

Here in this article, am providing you links from lot of other bloggers and Vloggers who have put in tremendous work to help the audience to learn telugu through English. Therefore you need not spend additional time to search for the same. The same time can be invested in learning instead.

How do we go about learn spoken telugu?

Before jumping in, please do take time to go through my below articles, where in I provided some useful tips and resources.

Speak Telugu fluently in 30 days

How to learn telugu quickly?

learning spoken telugu online

As I mentioned in my articles, please set aside minimum 10 minutes per day and start doing either of the following according to your learning style and convenience:

  1. Watching telugu TV advertisements and dubbed movies to grasp similar words.
  2. Observing conversation of people in telugu
  3. Adding vocabulary in a book
  4. Doing role-plays of real life scenarios with friends
  5. Listening to you tube videos
  6. Listening to telugu moral stories
  7. Watching Telugu news
  8. Reading telugu magazines
  9. Practicing learning telugu on mobile apps
  10. Get either a kindle version or paperback version of books

Increase learning telugu through English keywords from simple to complex:

  • First Learn words
  • Then go for Phrases
  • Then learn verbs
  • Start framing sentences

spoken telugu for absolute beginners

Patience is the key.

I am telling you this from my own experience.

When I came to Karnataka without knowing the regional language, I struggled. But the good thing is there are lots of people who really helped me, though there were few who made fun of me. I had to affirm myself to be focused, consistent and thick-skinned sometimes.

You know when I learnt the best? There came a time where I just could not progress in my career without being able to read, write and speak kannada.

Though Telugu is my mother tongue and similar to the fonts of kannada, it does take some time.

So don’t let it become an emergency to start to learn.

Plan when you have enough time on hand.

Learning spoken telugu to english from youtube:

Learn telugu conversation with this 2 hours video

Learn telugu through simple English words with this one and half an hour video

Best apps to learn spoken telugu through english:

spoken telugu through english

50 Languages

Through this app you can learn almost 50 languages. This app has audios, videos, language tests, etc with a rating of around 4.6 on play store

Learn Telugu Quickly

This app is content rich. It also teaches grammar. It is found to be a good app to learn telugu quick as well as fast.


In this app, you can chat, speak and learn. If you are someone who do not have telugu native speakers in your vicinity, then this app will come very handy to you.

Simply Learn Languages

This is another great app which helps in learning around 50 languages on go.                                                      

Telugu 101: This app helps in pronouncing right and also teaches to write alphabets

Google Play Books:

Needs no explanation. As you might be knowing, you can access Ebooks and Audio books here.


If you are a visual or auditory learner, this will be very helpful. But everything that is online may not necessarily be the best. Read through reviews, check through comments and then subscribe and see how it works for you.

Also there are many audio books available online.

These give much of convenience and comfort to learn at self-paced speed.


Now you know for sure and have understood that there are a variety of tools available to learn spoken telugu . Sky is the limit.

Having said that, let us put first things first.

Understand your learning style.

Set a SMART goal, by when and how much and in which way from where you want to learn what?

Ask yourself what you want, whether you are focusing on speaking telugu, writing telugu or reading telugu.

Once you decide about what is your focus, read through the methods or tips mentioned in the article.

Understand and choose what suits you best and what is practical.

Take time out of your schedule. Same time with same frequency till the timeline you decided.

It is all about execution.

Don’t keep hopping from one source to another.

Stick to one source till it is done.

Otherwise you lose flow and concentration.

Understand that learning anything new requires a lot of patience.

Don’t give up no matter what.

The harder you find it, the more you practice.

Make it a part of your routine.

Start thinking in telugu about the scenarios you are coming across in daily life. What word should I say if it was to be said in telugu, etc.

You will never have a perfect time to start something. The only way forward is to start right now.

How fast can I learn Telugu?

It completely depends on your interest, efforts and grasping power. More than all of it, it is more about how much necessity you have to learn the language. The higher the need, the faster you learn.

What are some of the books to learn telugu through other languages?

learn telugu through english

learn telugu through English :
·         Learn In 30 Days by Krishna Gopal Vikal (Author)
·         Learn Telugu Through English by Balaji Publications (Author, Contributor)
·         Spoken Telugu For Absolute Beginners By Sanjay D 
 learn telugu through hindi:
·         Learn Telugu Through Hindi by KALAHASTI GAURINATH (Author)
·         Learn Telugu Through Hindi by Balaji Publications (Author, Contributor)
 learn telugu through kannada:
·         Learn Telugu Through Kannada In 30 Days   By Balaji Publications Editorial Board (Author)
learn telugu through tamil:
·         Learn Telugu Through Tamil by Sanjay (Author)
Learn Telugu through Malayalam
·         Learn Telugu through Malayalam in 30 days  by BALAJI’S authors (Author)

Name a few websites to learn telugu online?

Telugu Badi
Udemy also is offering online course to learn telugu
Vidyamruth also offers online Telugu Classes

What are some magazines or books that can help me learn telugu?

If you want to read telugu, you can consider following:
Telugu Velugu

Which software help in typing telugu?

Generally most of this software has to be paid. You can check the following:
Baraha Telugu
Typing Vidya
Lipikaar Telugu typing software

How do I translate some content into telugu without having to pay for it?

Google Translate: is free to translate from English to other languages
Stars 21: This is my favorite. It is a one-stop solution.
However all these things will have limitation interms of number of words you can paste at a time. Pay attention to that.

Is it difficult to learn telugu?

Have you found it difficult to learn your first or second language?
The same applies to Telugu as well.
You need to go slowly and keep practicing.
When you make mistakes, learn from it and better yourself.
You need to have determination.
Before starting to learn it, have your expectations set right.
Have a clear goal on what you want to learn and how much.
That paves the way forward on how to go about it.
Surround yourself with friends who will have your best interest in mind.
Start with introducing yourself in telugu in real life scenarios with your telugu friends.
Learning can be fun once you understand your learning style and use the resources accordingly.

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