Speak Telugu fluently in 30 days

Are you wondering whether or not you can learn how to speak Telugu

Do you know telugu is the fastest growing language in the USA? Yes, you heard it right. Many Telugu Americans live in metropolitan cities of every state in the USA. You will notice that there are plenty of blogs and websites, which are focusing on teaching Telugu for foreigners, who are not Indians. Learning Telugu becomes much more important for them, especially when they have a spouse who speaks Telugu.

Telugu has a massive amount of words from Sanskrit. It would be easy for you to learn other south Indian languages, once you learn telugu.

If you learn telugu, it is easy for you to communicate when you travel to southern states of India as well as the United States of America. Majority of people in Tamilnadu and Karnataka, besides Andhra Pradesh, understand spoken telugu.

You may be wondering how do I learn Telugu words by myself, or learn Telugu through Kannada. If you know Kannada, reading and writing telugu is going to be much more easier for you, as there is similarity in their script, as both those languages belongs to Dravidian family of languages of south India. Hope it answered the question on your mind about how to learn Telugu reading and writing.

Learning basic telugu words will help you about how to speak Telugu in 30 days. It helps in making Telugu phrases and come up with easy sentences to converse. Learning Telugu through English words is much easier. There are plenty of apps and websites available online, which has creative way of teaching you telugu with simple tools, flash cards, etc, thus making it fun to learn and teaches how to speak Telugu to English, also how to speak English in Telugu.

learning telugu through english words

What I am going to tell you in this article is one of the best solutions, as you want to know how to speak in Telugu. The reason is simple. My mother tongue is Telugu and I have taught it to many of my friends and colleagues. In exchange, I learnt their mother tongue. I could see them eye to eye and exactly know the pain points when you have to speak an unknown language. So teaching and learning at a time was a win-win scenario for me.

Let’s learn step by step:

  1. First learn few simple words like greeting people such as ‘Hello, Hi, Good morning, Good evening, Thanks, Welcome, Bye, Come in,  etc”
  2. Then learn conversational phrases such as “How are you, had your food, How is your day,  How is work, How is movie, etc”
  3. Learn to introduce yourself like “My name is…, I am from…, I work at…., I live in…., etc”
  4. You can always start the conversation with the opposite person saying that you do not know Telugu well and they can help you to better it, if you made a mistake.
speak telugu

If you say that, most of the people generally don’t get offended incase if you said something incorrect. They might even tell you how to say it correctly.

There may be few people who might bully you or make fun of you. You need to learn to take such people in right spirit.  

Keep telling yourself that the mistake you made you will not repeat, though you may make a new mistake. Thus day by day you would be bettering yourself.

  1. If someone has been helpful to teach you the language, be honest and clear with them.

If you don’t understand what they have told, tell them to repeat it.

If you find it difficult to grasp their words, tell them to speak slowly.

  1. Learning right from the beginning is important.

Use polite words or plural form, so that you can express respect in your conversation.

If you speak to elders, as if you speak to children it may be uncomfortable for them.

However if you speak to children with respect, that does not embarrass anyone.

So it is a good idea to speak with others in respectable form than casual manner.

  1. Learn few words to express in case you made a mistake. May be words like “Sorry, I know little telugu only, How to say it properly, please do not mind, My apologies, Thank you, etc”
  2. Learn words to close the conversation.

Words like “Bye, See you later, meet you again, Nice speaking with you, etc”

  1. Find a buddy with whom you can speak Telugu, who has your best interest in mind and whom you can trust.

Please take few minutes and refer to my article , where in I gave plenty of tips to learn telugu. All those tips will help you even with spoken English.

learn how to speak telugu

I have found some very good tutorials on how to speak telugu. Below are few:

  1. This is a one and half hour video about learning telugu through english words. Though it is meant for children, this will be of great help for adults too.
  2. If you want to learn how to speak telugu in 5 days, this 2 hours video is extremely easy to follow
  1. If you know hindi, then these teaching videos by Dr. Deepa Gupta makes your online learning very lively.
  1. If you are not a person who can watch such lengthy videos, you can also learn through short duration videos. These are really helpful for beginner level.

There is another website, which is free to learn. I personally liked it. It has learning options from multiple languages with proper pronunciation according to real life situations.

If you are a type who likes learning through blogs and do not want to learn it for free, you can check it out.  


You having read it till here shows that you are very keen to speak Telugu.

Am sure you definitely will and can.

As mentioned in the beginning, learning telugu is not only useful in India, but also in United States of America. Mention not, there are few more countries where knowing Telugu can be advantage.

If you follow step by step as mentioned above and find a buddy, you will pick up telugu very easily and get comfortable to speak with new people.

There are plenty of online videos, blogs, websites, apps that you can use to speak telugu. But understand what your need is and what is your most preferred learning method and then accordingly choose one and stick to it. That way you remain focused.

Always start from known to unknown, easy to difficult.

Focus will help you to achieve it in the set time line.

Set a duration and frequency in your routine, so that you start learning and also sustain it over a period of time.

Though learning is a never-ending thing, it is always good to keep a deadline to achieve what you want. I mean have goal set and consciously make progress till you reach it and even after you reach it.

Where there is a will, there is always a way. Isn’t it?

If you read my article, it will tell you how watching advertisements, movies, short lectures with English sub titles, videos can help you to great extent with the vocabulary. I personally like learning languages through ‘moral stories for kids’

Do take some time to refer to it and feel free to put in your comment.

Drop me a word, if you want to know more resources or know any further information.

I would be more than happy to help you with.

Wish you pleasant learning and all the best….

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