Learn to speak Telugu

It is easy to learn to speak Telugu, if you follow some tips and dedicate time for it on daily basis with sustained efforts and interest.

Setting your expectations right and goals specified will help you to achieve what you always wanted. So ask yourself first what you need to understand? Is it for conversation or do you need to know it for workplace communication? Is it only speaking or is it also reading and writing?

This article will help you understand what resources are there out in market to learn telugu and speak telugu.

If you are interested in speaking telugu, then do take your precious time and refer to this article of mine by clicking here.

Learn Telugu quickly

If you want to learn telugu quickly, it is very much easy, especially if you have people around you that speak telugu.

It is possible, even if you have no one around you as well. However, that calls for more commitment from you.

I have detailed both these probabilities in one of my articles. Click here to access the same about how speaking and learning telugu through English is very easy and quick.

If you have set your SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound)  goal, dedicate time on daily basis and maintain a journal and monitor yourself with various strategies I mentioned there, you will achieve your goal.

After reading article, you will understand that the technology is a blessing, where it can bring the learning to your finger tips.

Learning Spoken Telugu through English

If you want to learn telugu through English, refer to my article by clicking here.

In the article I have detailed about some of the best apps which helps you to learn telugu and also mentioned which apps are paid and free.

  • There are plenty of apps (50 languages, Learn Telugu Quickly, Hello Talk, Simply learn languages, Google Play books, Shoonya kids, Youtube) that can help you learn Telugu.

Some of those are free and some are paid.

Most of it are compatible with android.

Good thing is majority of these apps can be a best guide to learn multiple languages through multiple languages.

  • Also, the list of youtube videos that are mentioned will make it easy for you to pick and choose according to the time available for you.

You have youtube lessons from people like Dr. Deepa Gupta who has shorter capsule learnings.

You also have 2 hours long lessons from Education World

Medium of Lessons are in all south Indian languages and hindi as well

  • If you are a type who love reading blogs, the resources are mentioned for that as well.

That is not all. You have plenty of moral stories on you tube which are narrated in Telugu, which makes it enjoyable to understand and get proper pronunciation.

Also if you want to know the names of pulses, dals, vegetables,etc, what other way can I suggest apart from watching cooking shows.

  • The most easiest way to learn any language apart from talking to people is watching them and observing them.

If you don’t have any one in your vicinity, have no worries.

Just watch good old movies and mimic the best.

  • Watch advertisements on television and mimic them infront of mirror.

You would love doing it.

It is very simple as all languages have same dialogues.

Learn to speak Telugu:

It is always good to go step by step while learning a language.

Going from basics helps in having stronger foundation.

Referring to this article will help you how to do it.

Learn Telugu:

Learning telugu  is easy, if you have variety of ways to learn telugu.

  1. Find a buddy or neighbor to converse telugu
  2. Watch plenty of telugu movies
  3. Watch telugu advertisements
  4. Listen to Telugu speeches
  5. Have fun as you watch telugu moral stories and cartoons
  6. Practice with friends how to converse in real life situations
  7. Do role plays and make learning an enjoyable journey
  8. Make it a habit to watch you tube tutorials that I mentioned in my articles
  9. Keep a commitment to speak telugu with buddy
  10. Keep a journal and monitor self progress
  11. Explore the apps I mentioned in my articles
  12. Use variety of ways to speak, read and write telugu
  13. Do mimic the best
  14. Grab free e-books online and start reading them
  15. Listen to words on blogs that help you to pronounce things properly
  16. Use google translation and transliteration to get the words right
  17. Buy a physical book to learn telugu and start practicing


As mentioned in all my articles, learning requires patience and persistence.

Ofcourse, the ways that mentioned in article is to learn by self.

If you are looking for tutor, there are many institutions that are offering language courses.

Just get on to places like Just dial or any local listings and tell your requirement.

Automatically they will redirect you to people and Institutions that will teach Telugu.

There will be never a time, where you would say, ‘I am perfect now’.

Always start with basics, start somewhere.

Don’t hold yourself back from speaking.

Start with self introduction, hi, hello, etc.

As you start speaking, you get comfortable.

Initially it may be embarrassing or putting you out of your comfort zone.

But, trust me.

If you have genuine friends or people around you, they will encourage you and make it easy for you to grasp the language.

But first step need to come from you.

Initiate from your end and automatically people around you join you and put you on right track.

Never ever give up, even if you make some mistakes or few around you humiliate you.

Just keep going, keep talking.

You should be better off than what you were yesterday.

The only comparison you must have with is yourself, not anyone else.

Determine, decide, dedicate and demonstrate that you can achieve what you put your mind too.

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