Learn Telugu, How to learn telugu quickly?

Is it easy to learn Telugu?

If you are someone who want to learn telugu speaking and want to learn telugu in 30 days, you can learn telugu through English or through many regional languages like Hindi, Kannada, etc.

Believe me, many foreigners have learnt Telugu easily, though their pronunciation and ascent is completely different.

If you know any regional language, how much more easy it is for you. Just imagine. There are lots of similarities between regional languages. Thus, it is superb easy to learn Telugu, if you follow the tips given below.

learn telugu

Tips to learn telugu quickly

There are number of ways in which you can learn telugu quickly. Following are few easy things to do when you want to learn any new language.

  1. Watch Telugu movies, preferably movies that are dubbed from your regional language, so that you can easily understand the context and similar words.

If possible, try and watch old movies, preferably family dramas.

  • Watch Telugu movies with sub-titles in English. That’s how you can learn telugu through English. Try and understand the verbs in the process.
  • Watch Telugu advertisements, since they will have similar dialogues in all languages. Trust me it is fun mimicking them in front of mirror. Learning with fun will make it interesting for you to learn the language.
  • Start speaking in telugu with your friends/people in your circle, who speak telugu or native speakers of Telugu. That is how you can learn telugu quickly.

However it is important to have a dialogue with them and get their support. This prevents them from bullying you or making fun of you.

Even if someone bullies you by chance, take it easy. Don’t give up.

  • Observe when people are speaking in telugu to get the pronunciation right.

Let the focus be on getting the words correct and pronounce them properly.

Don’t try to speak as fast as they do. That comes slowly.

  • There are plenty of videos available on youtube to learn telugu. Some of them have modules, where they help to learn telugu in 30 days. See the reviews and choose the channel according to your need and learn systematically.

Understand what your priority is. Thus you can decide on which channel will help you with your expectation.

There are channels with spoken English.

There are also few that are dedicated towards teaching writing and reading Telugu.

There are few which depicts about real life scenarios.

  • There is also lot of you tube videos on “moral stories in telugu for children”. You can pick words easily from them too. The pronunciation in such stories is easy and accurate.
  • There are apps that make it easy and fun learning with flash cards. If you  are wondering Which is the best app to learn Telugu?, download apps from Google Play Store by typing in “learning telugu through english words or Learn Telugu Quickly”.
  • There are multiple websites/blogs to learn telugu through english online free. Again do a bit of research and see what meets your expectation.

Are you still wondering “How can I speak Telugu fluently?”

Of course, you can. It needs patience and persistence though.

Here you go.

How can I speak Telugu fluently?
  1. Pick up simple words as you watch TV advertisements and dubbed movies.
    1. Take help from friends and observe them when they are speaking with one another.
    1. Learning a language requires lot of interest. However it should be more of fun than a serious and tedious activity.
    1. Take a note book and start adding to your vocabulary.
      1. Dedicate 10 minutes in your day to make notes.
      1. Start writing down each word you learnt, its meaning and pronunciation in your regional language.
      1. Say it loud multiple times till you get it right.
      1. Use them in your conversation with Telugu friends, who are supportive of you. Take their help to get the context right.
    1. Make it a habit to speak to at least one telugu friend in telugu language either on daily basis or weekly basis, with the intent of improving your fluency. Take the feedback and improve upon.
    1. Do a role-play with your friends of enacting a particular situation, like buying something at a shop/ enquiring about bus timings/buying movie ticket/ ordering food from hotel, etc.
    1. If someone mocks you, take it easy. Never give up.

Once you are comfortable with spoken telugu, then slowly move towards telugu reading and writing, if you wish too.

  • Buy “Learn Telugu in 30 days” book.
learn telugu through english

This will help in learning telugu through english words .

It will have all basic letters and words to use in different scenarios. By the end of the book, you will be able to frame sentences too.

You have books to learn from English as well as from your regional language.

  • Use online dictionaries. There are plenty which are free.
    • Online translators like “stars21” will become really handy to know from your regional language
    • Buy Story books like Chandamama, kids stories to learn simple telugu reading and writing.
    • Start watching Telugu news
    • Start watching Telugu videos with English sub-titles.


Learning any new language takes time. Be patient.

Fluent speaking comes with practice. Don’t focus on speaking fast.

You should have persistence. Keep adding to your vocabulary and start using them in your conversation.

First, focus on understanding and speaking the language than reading and writing.

Make it fun to learn – Enact TV advertisements in front of mirror. Say some movie dialogues with your friends and ask them to tell the correct meaning. Enjoy role plays, where in you teach your language to your friends and learn their language.

Start thinking in Telugu. That makes it much easier for you to look for correct words depending on scenarios in your daily life.

Have a note book and keep adding to your vocabulary.

Don’t leave a single chance to have conversation in Telugu with your friends. The more you speak, the better you get at it.

Trust me, It is easy to learn Telugu and you can do it.

I am available to help you in this journey. Drop a comment about how helpful is this article.

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