Learn Telugu quickly

Since my mother tongue is Telugu, lot of my friends come and ask me “how to learn Telugu quickly?” 

Most of them have followed the tips I recommended and started speaking. It gave them lot of freedom to speak to people when they go to Andhra Pradesh, without having to depend on other people to help with translation.

I understand exactly what is needed to speak a language. Because I struggled a lot to pick up regional language when I moved to Bangalore, since I am from a different state. That is why I know what worked for me and am very confident that it will work for you too.

Key is the patience and practice.

learn telugu quickly

Set a SMART goal for yourself about how to learn telugu language.

Normal goal:  I want to learn Telugu.

SMART goal:  I want to learn telugu through English to speak within 30 days by dedicating 1 hour daily, so that I can be independent while speaking Telugu.

Ok, I know what you are thinking. What is SMART goal? Here it is

SMART meaning:

S – Specific  

M– Measurable

A– Achievable

R– Realistic

T– Time Bound

how to learn telugu speaking easily

This is just an example. You may want to speak or read or write, not only speak. Or you may want to have a different time line might be few days, few weeks, or few months. You may want to learn it through a different language, might be other regional languages like hindi, kannda or tamil.

Whatever it may be, first step to learn Telugu is to have a SMART goal and then work on it accordingly.

If it is about how to learn telugu writing and reading (or) Learn telugu through English

there are plenty of books and apps for it. I mentioned it here https://madhuri-kv.com/spoken-telugu/

If you are looking at learning just spoken telugu, then you have plenty of options.

How to learn telugu from basics?

Let us understand first things first. You may be in one of the following situations

  1. You have few people around you who speak Telugu. That makes it very easy to learn how to speak.
  2. You do not have anyone who speaks Telugu around you. Even if you don’t have any one around you who speak the language, you can still learn. Only thing it takes little extra time.

How to learn telugu speaking easily?

Let us consider first scenario where you have people around you who speak the language:

  • Have your expectations right
    • While other might definitely help you, you need to be clear on what you want to learn
    • Start learning nouns and pronouns (I, we, you, he ,she, it, they, etc)
    • Know the difference between singular and plural.

Because people can get offended if you use singular form, as they might be perceived that you are not respecting the person

If you are speaking to an unknown person, it is always good to tell them that ‘you don’t know Telugu and you are just learning’. This also will help you and they won’t get offended, in case if you made a mistake

  • Start gradually
    • Start with greeting people (Good morning, have a good day, thank you, etc)
    • Start framing small phrases (I want, I like, I will do, etc)
    • Start learning question words (How are you, Had lunch, etc)
    • Slowly move on to making complete sentences
  • Ask yourself what do you want to learn?
    • First make a list of people with whom you can converse Telugu and who are genuine in helping you out
    • Tell them your intent and ask for their support
    • Ask them to correct your mistakes (preferably one on one, so that others doesn’t bully you)
    • Set up a time frequency with them, so that they know you are serious
  • Maintain a book
    • When others correct you, understand what was wrong
    • Do not repeat the same mistake again
    • Making a note of it and turning to it on daily basis will help you out a lot.
  • If they are your mates, go one step ahead and enact role-play with them
    • Choose a scenario that you face in daily life like buying vegetables, thanking someone, welcoming people, etc
    • Practice different scenarios and add to your vocabulary.
  • Observe keenly when others are conversing with one another
    • Pay attention to the way they are pronouncing
    • When they are using singular and plural
    • What kind of words are used in official context
    • What are some of the words they are using in casual conversations
    • How are they starting conversation and how they are ending it

Since you would have asked for their time for a specific duration, ask all your questions and get it clarified.

Keep making notes in your book. Correct yourself and keep improving.

Let us consider second scenario now, incase if you don’t have anyone around you who

Speak the language?

If you are reading this article, I am sure you would be having a computer or a mobile with internet.



.how to learn telugu writing and reading

  1. Watch TV advertisements.
    1. All regional languages will have similar advertisements.

What happens is you will know what words are used under what context.

  • Mimic the best
    • Say the story as if you are saying in that video
    • Take famous dialogues from movies and practice them
    • Watch comedy clips and pick the words
  • Watch telugu learning videos on youtube

Refer to youtube links that  I have mentioned in my article. https://madhuri-kv.com/speak-telugu/

  • Watch old telugu movies with sub titles in English. Going for family dramas will help you a lot, as this will depict real life scenarios, conversation between different genders, characters, roles, etc
  • Listen to casual telugu motivational lectures
  • Listen to fluent telugu motivation videos
  • Practice in front of mirror like an actor in the advertisement. Trust me, it will be fun to learn this way. It will increase your confidence.
  • Watch cartoons of moral stories in telugu.
    • They will be very easy to understand
    • Don’t forget to practice in front of mirror

Learn telugu through English

All the above will surely help you.

  • Watch the cooking series and serials on TV.

They are another source of learning telugu easily. Because generally dialogues there will be clear and slow to follow.

More than that they will be repetitive, so that it becomes easy for you to grasp.

Even if you do not have any friends in social circle who speak telugu, get online and use apps like HELLO TALK , where you will get a chance to connect to telugu people.

I have mentioned different apps here , which you may find it interesting to explore.

Learning requires dedication. However it need not be serious.

The technology has grown.

You have apps, videos available to learn telugu. That too free

You have genuine people who will be more than happy to help you out.

At the same, there will be people who might ridicule you or make fun of you. Also disturb the learning environment totally.

Never ever give up.

I had lot of good people who helped me out to learn kannada. At the same time, I had people who pulled my leg, though I said it correctly and tried confusing me since I am not confident in that language that time. There were days where I cried a lot for the kind of humiliation I had faced.

Choice is yours. When you are learning anything new, there will be good people who will support you and there will be people who will put you down.

Choose between giving up or getting up every time you fall.

Life is not what happens to us, but what how we react to it.

Let the fire in you help you out to excel. Let every insult motivate you rather than get you down. Remember why you started how to learn telugu language in first place.

Let us look at an example.

 If someone throws an object from 10 feet height, what happens?

If the object is a mirror, what happens?

If the object is a ball, what happens?

You know the answer. Mirror breaks into pieces, ball bounces back.

What do you want to be? Will you be like that mirror or ball?

So there will be challenges in any learning.

So press on. Keep remembering why you started this and for what?

You know how fast you can learn Telugu?

It is proportional with the need that you have for it.

Greater the need for you to learn, faster the learning will be.

If you want to learn Telugu, first make a smart goal as mentioned.


Decide between option 1 and option 2, depending on whether you have Telugu speaking people around you or not.

Keep motivating yourself and progress.

Keep reminding yourself why you started it in first place.

Choose appropriate methodology that is most likable to you and make the learning with great fun.

Remember you have plenty of options like watching movies, ads, which are part and parcel of any entertainment now a days.

You also have lot of apps that can make it a joyful experience.

Plenty of resources on youtube makes learning further more easy.

You just need to be comfortable to get out of your comfort zone.

Start your journey. Feel free to drop a comment to get in touch with me, if you need help.

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