How to speak Telugu in 30 days

Telugu is one of the languages spoken widely in India. Many people want to know how to speak telugu in 30 days.

Learning a language can be an overwhelming task, if you miss fun in learning it. Setting right expectations is very important. Don’t compare yourself with people, whose mother tongue is Telugu. Rather tell yourself that the purpose of it is to communicate. As long as you are able to convey your message, that is more than enough. Be light on yourself, even if you make any mistakes. It is quite normal.

Reading this whole post will save you lot of time. Because I have done enough research about learning telugu through English. I have compiled resources here for you.

I had mentioned several resources in my previous posts as well to Learn telugu and Speak telugu. Comparatively, here I am giving you more resources.

Learn telugu

Always start with basic words like expressions, feelings, verbs, names of vegetables, food, birds, animals, body parts, actions, greetings, etc.

Learn telugu in 30 days through Apps

Learning to speak telugu through apps requires just a mobile with internet connection and dedicated time of about 1 hour from your schedule.

Learning telugu through English

This site has list of apps and the languages you can learn along with its price.

App NameLanguages that can be learntPriceCompatible onFeatures
50 languagesTelugu, Kannada, TamilFree / PaidAndroid, iPhone, iPad100 lessons. Pronunciation audios help beginners.
Learn Telugu Quickly  Telugu, TamilFreeAndroid, iPhone, iPadVoice over for words makes it easy to understand
Hello TalkTelugu, Kannada, TamilFree / PaidAndroid, iPhone, iPadConnects you to other users to interact
Simply learn languagesTelugu, Kannada, Tamil, MalayalamFree / PaidAndroidQuiz, flash cards, Pronunciation audio
Google Play BooksTelugu, Kannada, Tamil, MalayalamFree / PaidAndroid, iPhone, iPadAudio books
Shoonya KidsTeluguFree iPhone, iPad500 basic words and phrases
YoutubeTelugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam Android, iPhone, iPadVideos created by people for better comprehension

Learning spoken telugu through Youtube

Following are some popular channels on youtube, which helps you grasp language quickly by watching the videos.

Channel name and linkAverage DurationNo. of. sessionsLearn through
Dr. Deepa Gupta 10-20 minutesMultipleHindi
Nihal Usmani < 30 minutesMultipleHindi
Netflix India < 10 minutesMultipleEnglish
Education World 120 minutes5 days crash courseEnglish
Pebbles live 90 minutesMultipleEnglish
Telugu Vanam  < 30 minutesMultipleWriting Telugu
Agurchand Babu Subramanian  < 10 minutesMultipleEnglish
village talks channel < 10 minutesMultipleKannada
Venkateswara Rao < 10 minutesMultipleKannada
IndianKannadiga < 10 minutesMultipleKannada
Jaya Multilinguist < 10 minutesMultipleTamil
Gokila Agurchand < 60minutesMultipleTamil
All in All < 10 minutesMultipleTamil (Read and write telugu)
KVR INSTITUTE < 30 minutesMultipleMalayalam

Blogs to learn telugu

Here the author has given many options for learners to learn through English/hindi.

It has videos, quizzes, eBooks, essay, talks with English subtitles and many more.

This has great amount of vocabulary with words and phrases.

It also has Audio and learning tips.

This has audio feature for vocabulary, phrases and grammar.

Interesting flash cards and quiz makes it more fun to learn

They teach you what is needed exactly for you according to your need.

It has a free demo to learn telugu that you could try.

Also, it has course up to 5 levels and also customizable option

This has option to learn multiple languages through audio

It is offering paid courses to learn to speak telugu

Learn telugu in 30 days through english

As mentioned in one of my posts , following the tips given below will help you:

  1. Best way to learn is to speak to others. Find a buddy either directly or through hello talk app
  2. Observing others when they are speaking Telugu is another good way to learn. Have keen observation and grasp their pronunciation. Mimic the best.

You may be wondering how do I observe, when I do not have anyone speaking telugu around me.

If that is the case, consider advertisements played on TV. Advertisements are short and the same words will be used in all languages.

Try and mimic them in front of mirror.

This will definitely help you to learn telugu in fun way.

3. Find moral stories on you tube which makes it easier to learn.


Pebbles Telugu

Magic Land Telugu Stories

Koo Koo TV – Telugu

Tamasha kathalu Telugu

Anamika TV – Telugu

Jaitra TV – Telugu

Grandma TV Telugu

JM Telugu Moral Stories

4. To know vegetables, action words, watching recipe making video will help a lot

5. The easiest way to learn telugu is through watching movies and serials. It is anyway entertainment. So go for dubbed movies, which again will help you to relate the words and context.

You would be learning unknowingly and words get registered in your mind. Look for nice old family dramas on various streaming apps.

How to speak Telugu in 30 days

Whatever you want to learn, keep practicing.  Practice, Practice and Practice.

Do not leave practicing, till you are satisfied with yourself.

Knowing more languages will help you in many areas of your life.

It will be fun too.

You will be able to establish connect with opposite person very easily, which will help in bettering your relationships.


Anything that you start will be exciting initially. But success of it depends on how much you sustain it.

For a person to sustain what they started, it should be enough fun, challenging and meet the necessity of the person.

As stated at the beginning of this article, there are plenty of resources for learning telugu through English.

As you might have noticed, there are plenty of ways to learn it as well.

Understanding your way of learning helps you a lot to decide which method to choose.

If you like reading, go for blogs. If you like listening, go for audio books. If you like videos, go for youtube. If you like stories, go for moral stories.

I hope the resources I have given in this article has made it easy for you.

If so, please drop a comment.

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